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Continuous Compliance for Continuous Innovation

Increase developer velocity and agility by automating license scanning and compliance.

Most software companies today leverage open source software to accelerate product development, reduce total cost of ownership, increase software stability, and enhance software security posture. As open source software continues to be adopted at an increasing rate, compliance with open source licenses becomes a more pressing initiative.

With CI/CD enabling developers to release code continuously throughout the day, it’s time for open source compliance processes to adapt and mirror software development practices. By harnessing a continuous compliance process, companies can have an accurate and real-time inventory of their dependencies without impinging on developer or legal efficiency.

Complete Inventory of Software

Understand Risk Profile

Avoid Reputational Risk

  • Comprehensive Inventory Scanning
    World's most complete OSS license database, copyright detection, and SPDX attributions
  • Legal-Ready and Relevant
    Out-of-the-box policies and audit-grade reporting automate 95% of the legal work
  • Accurate Dependency Identification
    False-positive license issues reduced by 85% along with an audit log of past resolutions
  • Lower Engineering Overhead
    Native CI/CD integration, remediation support, and closed-loop coordination with legal
  • Powerful Policy Engine
    Granular policies and workflow automation for enterprise-grade performance