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Frictionless Open Source
Due Diligence

Audit and remove the risks that can complicate, slow down, or block a fundraise, IPO, or M&A.

Without an audit of and plan to address open source license and vulnerability issues, not only can a funding round, IPO, or M&A get delayed, but its value can be depressed, possibly permanently. There are three primary types of risk to consider: IP risk, customer indemnification risk, and security risk.

No matter where you are in your preparation for a major financial event, FOSSA’s automated due diligence audits and ongoing license and vulnerability management deliver the most comprehensive and accurate picture of your open source compliance, security, and code quality risks.

Complete Inventory of Software

Understand Risk Profile

Avoid Reputational Risk

  • Most Comprehensive Inventory Audit
    Scan of each line of code for an immediate view of all direct and transitive dependencies
  • Audit-Grade Reports
    Bill of materials, industry-standard reports, and risk assessments for all parties to review
  • Due Diligence in Days
    Required due diligence completed confidently and confidentially in less than a week
  • Requirements Met Proactively
    Issue resolution guidance that ensure remediation workflows get done in minutes
  • Easy Onboarding and Governance
    Native CI/CD integration and ongoing remediation support for post-event integration