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Generate An SBOM Report in 30 Seconds

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# download `fossa-cli` and run a scan in your terminal
curl -LH 'Cache-Control: no-cache' https://bit.ly/3IxnG87  | bash

# set API key and generate report
FOSSA_API_KEY=XXXXXXX fossa analyze && fossa report attribution --format spdx

Advanced Open Source Management

Universal Identification

Gain total, reliable coverage of open source usage with Zero-Configuration scanning that scales from simple codebases to massive monoliths


Control how open source is used: scale with intelligent policies, developer-native integrations, and enterprise-grade team/role management


Battle-tested reporting for every occasion; from accelerating sales cycles, getting past multi-$B IPOs, producing SBOMs for attestations and more

SOC 2 Compliant, Independently Certified

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